3 Tips to Lower the Cost of Private Jet Charters

Traveling by private jets has been quite popular these days among professionals, independent travelers and businessmen. And, with time, the myth of the high expenses of traveling with class has also reduced. Private flights can never match up to the economy of a commercial airline service, but if you are careful and take the right steps, you can definitely manage to reduce some of the rental costs involved. So, to help you overcome your anxieties over high rental costs, here are some tips that you can use to lower the cost of your private jet charter.

Empty return flights

By asking your jet charter service to put you on a dead head flight, you can save a remarkable amount of money. How does it work? When a jet takes off form point X to point Y, it should fly back to point X and is usually empty. So the service would put someone on the flight at a low cost in order to pay for the fixed operating cost. Choose such a private jet charter format and enjoy unbelievable reductions in rental costs.

 Group bookings

Another way to get low cost is to fly with more people, as the private jet rental costs remain unaffected by the number of people on board the plane. Planning your trip with your colleagues or family? You can split the total jet charter cost over every passenger and enjoy a private flight with likeminded people with all the luxuries and amenities at a reduced cost.

 Downsize on your craft

You can choose a small-sized aircraft or a VLJ (Very Light Jet) for your private charter and enjoy reduced rental costs. Smaller aircrafts carry a significantly lower price tag than the larger variety, yet they offer pretty much the same services including speed, efficiency, priority handling and the like.

Have a safe and relatively economical flight!

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