Turn key private jet management programs

At National Air Transport, we understand the substantial demands that aircraft ownership can make on your time. Purchasing your airplane allows you to enjoy personal mobility, efficiency, privacy, security, and increased productivity. However, maintaining your own in-house flight department may involve complexities you might not have the time to manage.

The National Air Transport Aircraft Management Team has the combined experience to deal with all of the complexities within the aviation industry. We will relieve you of the common worries of aircraft ownership, while your airplane works to increase your bottom line. Acting as your personal flight department, National Air Transport will handle all the details so that you can continue to focus on your primary business.

Placing your aircraft on one of our approved 135 Air Charter Certificated operators allows our team the ability to generate demand for your airplane when it would otherwise be sitting idle. This provides you with the additional income to defer the cost of ownership, yet maintaining ultimate control.

You’ll fly the hours you need each month while our corporate customers help to secure your investment. Your airplane will be available when you need it, and should a time arise when it is not suitable for your specific itinerary, you will have a range of aircrafts available to you through National Air Transport’s worldwide network of aircrafts and operators.

Overall, it’s a great idea! Your airplane is available whenever you need it, and making money for you when you don’t; you’ll have a range of other aircraft to choose from should your needs change; and you are assured that your aircraft is always well kept.

Management benefits

By combining our economies of scale with our aircraft management experience, we are able to offer you a guaranteed fixed expense budget that includes crew costs, training, insurance, subscriptions, aircraft cleaning, and other maintenance services. NAT has negotiated some of the most favorable vendor rates in the industry with fuel providers, Fixed Based Operators, insurance carriers, crew training providers, and maintenance repair stations.

NAT provides the ability for its aircraft owners the flexibility to interchange aircraft within our network of worldwide aircraft.

Your aircraft, our expertise

National Air Transport formerly owned and operated one of the most prestigious and successful air charter companies in South Florida, under the leadership of Anthony Temperino, NAT President, with his attention to detail and insistence that all of NAT’s affiliate aircrafts are meticulously managed and maintained. This same attention to detail is extended to you and your aircraft—from the immaculate hangar facilities that NAT chooses for your aircraft to the detailing and maintenance oversight. Your experience will be nothing short of white glove service. NAT’s personnel work on a 24-hour, 365-day rotation to ensure that every request relating to your private jet or chartered aircraft is fulfilled in an expedited manner. You will be assigned a primary contact who will know the intimate details of your charter trip and personal preferences.

National Air Transport gives you access to the best management services available in the aviation industry.