North America is continent within the Northern and Western Hemispheres. It is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, and by South America and the Caribbean Sea. This great continent is home to about 565 million people from 23 independent states. However, more than being home to 7.5% of the world’s population, North America also boasts of many sights and attractions making it a favorite for many travelers.

There are so many things you can do when in North America. Wherever you are in the continent—in Canada or the USA—you will surely not run out of things to do and places to see. Favorites include the Canyonlands National Park in Utah, USA, which is a literal playground of canyons, rivers, mesas, and arches. And then there’s the breathtaking Horseshoe Bend, which offers an unbelievable view of the Colorado River 1,000 feet below.

If you are traveling to Canada, you have to visit Crowsnest Pass along the country’s Continental Divide. Explore rivers, lakes, and trails, or just simply sit back and be mesmerized by the Northern Lights. Do not miss the chance to see Alberta’s Banff National Park, the most famous national park in Canada. The view of the mountains and glacial lakes will make your heart melt!

There are still so many places to discover in North America—whether you enjoy the great outdoors or prefer a dizzying tour of the cities, there is place for you in this beautiful continent.

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