Orlando, the city of theme parks, may seem like a loud and noisy place that only has blaring music, joyrides, and food from global food chains to offer to the traveler. However, the reality is very different. Orlando offers numerous day trip opportunities in addition to various theme park-based events for people to enjoy. From Wekiwa Springs State Park to Orlando Science Center, it has something for everyone. If you like outings, you can try swimming or canoeing in the Wekiwa Springs where the water remains at a refreshing 72 degree Fahrenheit regardless of the hot weather. If you have a thing for museums, you can visit Winter Park in which you will find the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art.

People who want their kids to learn something along with having fun at Disney World can take them to the Wonderworks or Orlando Science Center where they can see live turtles and alligators. In addition, if you or your kids want to see more gators, then you can visit Gatorland just south of Orlando. Such interesting places for people to visit and the flourishing theme park industry make Orlando an economic hub. And people come here for both business and pleasure from all around the world.

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